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Sustainable technology: A look at the design, construction and operation of a small scale slow sand water filter. (Building a small slow sand water filter for individual use)6
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About the author:

The author is a graduate of the University of Washington (class of 2006) with an interdisciplinary degree in Environmental Science. As a continuation of studies, he has seven and a half years of experience designing, building, and testing functional slow sand filters used to purify roof water, surface water and shallow well water.

Additionally, David has 35 years of professional experience in industry including 25 years restoring antique clocks; 3 years of professional experience as an electronics technician; three years as a part-time math instructor, and military service in the U.S. Navy in the late 1960's.

David has 50 years of experience as a licensed Amateur radio operator (WA7AXT); and has designed and built his own transmitters, recievers and antennas. He has been authoring web pages since 2001.

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IMPORTANT: None of the water that goes through any of the filters described on this website is being used as
potable water. To do so would require that the water be tested on a regular basis for turbidity and biological contamination;
and would require the addtion of a UV filter at the point of use. The water is being used for irrigation and cleaning without any further filtering.
We have found that if water from this roof is not filtered, it will go horrificly stagnant in the summer. None of the water that
has gone through any of the filters here has ever gone stagnant in the 8 years we have been running the filters. The roof at this location
is surrounded by trees. We are deep in the forest. There are lots of sources of biological contamination here, that may not be present at another
location without trees and abundant wildlife.


THE TESTS DO NOT TELL US WHAT IS IN THE WATER. Anything can be in water.

If you have questions, the author will try to answer them, however: USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Author assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages of any kind as a direct or indirect result of the use of any information on this website or through any kind of correspondence with the author. The information provided here is free and published with the intent of sharing experience, and is not provided as an absolute solution to anything, nor does the author purport to be the ultimate, final authorizing expert regarding water filtration. Any email correspondence with the author is also covered by the preceeding statements. This is a work in progress. Mistakes will likely be found. The author reserves the right to remove this content or change it at any time. You have been advised.

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